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God Works Beyond Timing

June Evans

You will never understand God and the ways He works. You just have to be assured that He is at work.  Sometimes God works instant answers and miracles, and other times His work requires waiting. God will do things you have asked, but He often does the unexpected above all you asked or thought. God knows nothing about your calendar and deadlines. He works beyond timing. The best thing you can do is cease from telling God what to do and release Him to do His great work on your behalf. He is at work for you today. Stay out of His way and allow Him to work. Good things are in store for you.

Handle Yourself Right

By:  June Evans

In the final analysis it is not how people act. What matters is how you act. It is not what happens up to you that destroys you. It is how you handle what happens. You cannot control people, life, and all that life brings, but you can exercise control over yourself and make godly decisions. If you have trouble controlling yourself or if you do not know which decisions to make ask the Holy Spirit. He is sent to help you, lead you, and mentor you. You never go wrong handling yourself rightly and following the Holy Spirit.

A Good Day Is In Your Forecast

June Evans

Be careful how you handle a bad day. A bad day only lasts 24 hours. Do not allow this 24 hours to ruin the rest of your life. Do not do “stupid.” Your actions today will determine tomorrow. Do not ruin tomorrow’s good because of today’s bad. Do not allow what the devil does to cause you to act like the devil. Do not allow dysfunctional people to make you dysfunctional. Bad has an ending. Be sure when the bad ends you are still standing in the good. So if this is a bad day for you look ahead. A very good day is in your forecast.

Ditch the “IF”

Why don’t you eliminate the “ifs” in your life. Life is full of “ifs” which hinder and destroy your forward movement in God. Do any of these “ifs” sound familiar: ‘”if things were different, if I had more money, if I had not made that decision, if I had more education, if people had treated me better, etc.” The “ifs” are snares keeping you entangled in things over which you have no control. Here is a powerful “if” you can put in your life which will negate all the negative “ifs”: If you can believe all things are possible to those who believe. Now there is an “if” which will take you very high. Let your life be full of this “if.” By the way, get ready for miracles to come your way when you believe.

Stop Being Mentally Lazy

Quit being mentally lazy. Your thought life needs discipline and control to be godly. If you do not take control of what you think your thoughts are like wild unruly children who live with you and ruin your life. You are the master of your thoughts, and your thoughts will think what you decide to think. Take disobedient thoughts captive, and begin to train your mind to think the right way. If you do not know the right way or the right thoughts read your Bible. It is full of powerful life changing thoughts. Let that mind control you. Life will be much much better when that wild child of an unruly mind is under your control.‪ #‎writtenwisdomfrommamajune‬